Chamber Ensemble “Osanna”

mChamber Ensemble “Osanna” is undeniable phenomenon in contemporary culture, one of the most outstanding and remarkable performing ensembles in Bulgaria.

The choir consists of 30 singers, who perform in different formations, the smallest of which – 10 singers. They are professionally trained in a unique manner of vocal production, called “bregmophony”, associated with the specifics in the interpretation of sacred music and the architectural features of the temple area. Not by chance, after one of their many concerts, the famous American conductor Prof. Anthony Antolini, head of the choir “Rachmaninov” – USA, exclaims: “I’m looking for this sound my whole life…”.

The repertoire of the choir includes chants – samples of monodic and polyphonic singing tradition. Most of them were written specifically for these singers by Georgi Popov. The ensemble performs also folk and author’s choral music from different countries and epochs.